Aidan's Animals
Our Mission: Aidan's Animals is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization created to provide comfort items to children and families facing difficult circumstances.

"Karseats for Kids" Initiative: "Karseats for Kids" is a branch of Aidan's Animals that raises money to ensure all families have the same protection our children did if they ever find themselves in a car accident. So many families rely on used, outdated seats or no seats at all because seats can be expensive. We know how important the right car seat, properly installed is because while it wasn't enough to save our son, it most certainly saved our daughter. We want to give all families that same sense of security when they hit the road and we are working with may community organizations to ensure all families have access to seats and education that will help save childrens' lives.

Our Story: On December 3, 2011 after a busy day of family pictures and visiting with relatives, my husband and I secured our 2 young children in their
child safety seats and headed from Lincoln to our home in Bellevue. Shortly after departing, both of our children, Aidan 2 years old and Ansley 17 months old, were settled in the back seat watching their favorite Disney Movie. At one point I turned around to check on the kids and found our son, Aidan had already fallen asleep. We had been very busy that day and like many 2 year olds, Aidan had a difficult time winding down enough to take his usual afternoon nap. He looked perfect at that moment and the car was absolutely peaceful. Little did I know that this peace would soon be shattered by the sound of a semi truck slamming into the back of our vehicle injuring us all and killing our son. Devastated, our family moved through the next few days, weeks and months in a fog. People from all over Nebraska expressed their condolences and offered memorials. We were amazed at the generosity of the community and knew we had to give back. As we brainstormed way to show our appreciation, a few initial acts of kindness stood out to us. When we had arrived at the hospital to be treated after our accident, Ansley had been given a homemade quilt to help warm and comfort her. And when we had gone to the State Patrol Office to retrieve some personal belongings a few days later, Ansley was again provided with a small token of love and comfort, this time in the form of a teddy bear. This bear and quilt quickly became favorite items in our household, reminding us of the good in the world amidst all the darkness and chaos. These items paired with Aidan's love for animals, inspired the creation of "Aidan's Animals". By providing children in crisis items of comfort , our family and supporters give hope and comfort to those in need of both. We are so grateful for what the community has done for us and hope that you will help us give back!

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